CedBlack Music Publishing is proud to announce the exclusive release of EXPLORATIONS VOL. 3

Couples who stick together understand that marriage is a sacred and solemn mystery.  As a result, they enter the relationship
with the attitude that "divorce is not an option."  They understand that marriage is a lifelong adventure, filled with triumphs and

What is a godly marriage? It is not a perfect marriage. No, Godly marriage is simply a marriage where one or both spouses are
leaning into God – trying to do marriage God’s way.

This release is our FREE gift to the world, as we continue to spread seeds of goodness in the world through selfless service, music and love.
We hope you enjoy the music, and most importantly the MESSAGE.

~Cedric Black

All Compositions Written & Arranged by Cedric Black for CedBlack Music Publishing/ASCAP. 
All Instrumentation and Production by C. Black. Recorded & Engineered by C. Black.
Mixed and Mastered by C. Black.
Artwork by C. Black.