Laptop loudspeakers are generally too small to capture the immersive sound spectrum of Healthy Mind Music. For maximum impact, it is strongly recommend that you use good headphones. This will enable you to fully enjoy the intended effect of these gentle soundscapes.

Many of these recordings were captured using special binaural and spatial microphones, utilizing 3D technology as a key tool for recording.  Because of the physical separation of the ears on the human head, our ears have the capability of hearing in three dimensions.

As sound waves reach the human head from a particular direction, they enter the ears at slightly different times. Therefore, the brain is able to calculate these time differences resulting in a perception of direction within a field of three hundred sixty degrees around the head.


When recording or capturing sounds, it is often difficult to find a subject that is free of excessive, man-made noise. Often, the environment is busied with the sounds of distant cars and traffic, people, airplanes, etc. This requires me to be highly selective in choosing the environments and times in which I record.

My goal is to make quality recordings and so my process is in a continual state of evolution. Currently, I record utilizing 24 bit/48 kHz sampling rates, which is higher than those found on conventional compact discs and digital video discs. This resolution is maintained during the audio editing process and is not compromised until the recording is processed into a more deliverable medium.