Music Composition

Composing original music is the primary focus of my art. My work includes composing music for mental health and wellness, film, television, and radio broadcasts, commercials, corporate videos, branding and product launches, multimedia presentations, computer and video games, animations, audiovisual slide shows, events, fashion shows, documentaries, short films, infomercials, and web streaming.

Sound Design

Building upon the relationship between music, sound effects, and found sounds, I create sound worlds where projects acquire a unique character and life through sound texture.



Music Licensing

Easy License Terms: The music library is solely owned and operated by me, Cedric Black. This allows customers to deal directly with the actual composer of the music.

Quality Assurance: I do not compete in oversized quantities of content. Cedric Black Music is quality-focused, not quantity. Therefore all of my tracks are carefully screened before entering the licensing catalog.

My vision is simple: To offer my customers the benefit of real quality Soundtracks without breaking the bank.  The library allows anyone to get great-sounding music and sound effects, from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

Legal & Affordable: Cedric Black Music tracks are completely copyright clear and legal, so you don’t have to pay additional fees to copyright holders. With my simple and affordable licensing options, you’ll only pay for the usage you require.

In addition: I have also introduced Music Packs into the library. My music packs are bundles of different tracks related to the same musical genre or theme. You can learn more about my Music Pack deals HERE