Hi, I’m Cedric

I am a dedicated mental health advocate and a passionate music composer on a mission to bring inner peace and emotional well-being to individuals through therapeutic compositions and soundworks. As a composer, podcast host, and advocate, my journey is driven by a profound purpose – to shed light on the profound impacts of noise pollution on mental health, offering not just awareness but practical solutions and healing through the language of music.

My foray into therapeutic music springs from deep studies and extensive research on the healing abilities of music. The process of creating compositions, blending calming melodies, natural sounds, and positive affirmations, can be transformative. I've experienced firsthand the profound influence music can have in quieting the mind and soothing the soul. 

Now, it's my heartfelt mission to share this gift with those who are grappling with stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and emotional turbulence. My compositions are meticulously crafted to lower cortisol levels, ease worry, and foster a sense of inner calm. Beyond the music, I host an intimate podcast delving into the detrimental impacts of noise pollution on mental health, creativity, and cognitive function. The show not only raises awareness but provides actionable strategies to reduce unwanted noise and enhance emotional resilience. 

As a mental health advocate, I raise awareness about music therapy, noise pollution, and other issues impacting mental wellness today. It is my sincere hope that through my music and advocacy work, I can help create a more psychologically healthy society. Please listen in and join me on this journey towards inner and outer peace.