My name is Cedric Black

Welcome to my website.


As a producer and sound designer, my creation is the art and practice of creating, designing and composing music for media.  I am passionate about developing unique musical compositions that you can use for your audio for film, radio, TV, video, advertising, web development, and gaming projects.

Moving beyond the use of melody and harmony, and even beyond the use of traditional instruments, as a composer, I use recordings of found objects in the world to create and inspire. 

"I am like the painters who step outside of the boundaries of representational and realistic art."

My musical works evolve from quirky, often inaudible sounds, textures, and field recordings from the local environment.  In my compositions, I use the unheard sound to create the "heard" sound. 

"Creativity in art. . . is freedom.  Bending things most people see as a straight line."

Sound is my life