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Dive into "Unheard Impact: Noise Pollution and Your Mental Well-being" by Cedric Black – yep, the music guy turned surprise author! It's like your guide to understanding how noise messes with your mind, but in a simple way. Ever felt stressed and wondered why? This book spills the secrets. 

Cedric talks about why quiet moments matter and how the noise around us affects our mood. It's not just about loud sounds; it's about how they make you feel. And guess what? There are real stories and tips to help you sleep better too. So, if you've ever thought, "Why do I feel this way?" – this book is your cool answer. 

***This e-book is also available with the BUNDLE, that includes the Unheard Impact Guide e-Book and the “Reconnecting With Life” digital music album.***

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Unheard Impact: Companion e-Guide

Unheard Impact: DELUXE BUNDLE

Includes: E-book, Companion e-Guide and “Reconnecting With Life” Digital Album


Paperback Format

Unheard Impact and Companion Guide (2 books in 1) - Paperback

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