Healthy Mind Survey

(total time: less than 20 min)

This listening experiment is being conducted by Cedric Black and CB Sound Design. Before you decide to participate, please read this.

We study how people make sense of the music, and other sounds they hear, then create auditory soundscapes to help manage their mental well-being.

We will provide you some music/sounds. We will ask you questions about what you hear.

We will also ask you questions concerning your emotions and behaviors, your mental health and well-being (if any), your daily environment, and your basic demographic information.

The experiment has no known risks or guaranteed direct benefits. Your participation is voluntary, you will not receive compensation, you can stop at any time without penalty, and your participation is completely anonymous. No names or any other identifying information will be collected. The results and data will be shared publicly but no one will know that you participated. After the experiment, you will have the option to stay informed and stay in touch. If you have questions or problems, you can contact us at

We highly recommend that you use comfortable noise cancelling headphones during the listening session. This will enable you to fully experience the intended effect of these gentle soundscapes.

By proceeding, you agree to participate.



  1. Select and play any track
  2. After listening, click the "TAKE SURVEY" link.
  3. Complete and Submit survey